Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Feiyue shoes review

Having seen positive reviews of Feiyue shoes on various parkour and freerunning sites, I purchased a pair a couple of months ago for gym training. I have since put them through pretty much daily use, and thought I'd share my first impressions in this post.

Why Feiyue shoes?
My personal preference, as far as mobility, movement flow and bodyweight training are concerned is to practice barefoot. However a lot of gyms do not allow this practice and require the use of trainers. The next best option, therefore, are minimalist shoes with Vibram Fivefingers being a popular choice, particularly with crossfitters. Fivefingers and other minimalist trainers are a somewhat expensive option however, and this is where Feiyue shoes shine. Mine cost £10 online -about US $15- a good fifth of the price of Vibrams and other similar trainers.