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Personal trainer in Llantwit Major, Cowbridge, Barry, Bridgend, Cardiff, and the Vale of Glamorgan. 

I offer a limited number of personal training sessions and performance coaching in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales.

After an initial fitness and lifestyle assesment, I can meet you at a venue of your choice, whether you are interested in home-based training, outdoors training, or running. Sessions can also be arranged at an outdoor gym, or at a local gym.

Why one-on-one personal training?
In my experience, there are two main reasons why clients opt for one-on-one personal training:
1. They lack the motivation to exercise, and want to make a commitment to start a healthy practice.
2. They have specific goals, and are looking for expert advice on programming.

I am not the type of trainer who hovers above you with a clipboard while barking out orders and encouragements. I treat willpower as a limited resource, and I recognize that the best practice -the one which is going to give you the results you want- is the one you're actually going to stick to. Therefore, I have developped a range of program and practices which you can do at home, in the outdoors, or in the gym, all of which contain an element of fun and enjoyment. I will walk the walk and train with you when necessary. I aim not to create dependency but give you the tools to exercise, to empower your training and turn it into a lifelong practice.

I also bring a lifetime of experience of both sport and fitness. I have been coaching and advising beginners and seasoned athletes alike for the last 20 years, and I am apt at designing programs that will take you closer to your goals. There are three words health and fitness professionals are always reluctant to use: "I don't know". Well, I have no such qualms! Whenever I don't know, I will dedicate myself to finding out the answers for you, and I possess an extensive training tool-box to help you achieve your goals.
In short, I am not in the business of selling training packages: what I aim is to sell you results!

My areas of expertise include:
- bodyweight strength training and calisthenics.
- mobility and flexibility
- strength training for: martial arts and boxing, parkour and freerunning, dancing, climbing, surfing and other watersports.
- strength training for runners, injury prevention and running programs.
- weight loss.

I also works with a range of athletes, particularly to develop the following aspects:
- mobility training
- optimizing power-to-weight ratio
- functional training for sport
- injury prevention
- integrating skills, cardio and strength training for sport

 What do you get?
- an initial interview and a fitness and lifestyle questionnaire.
- a complete program, fully tailored to your needs.
- a food diary, and simple but incredibly effective nutritional advice.
- a monthly review of your progress, and program adjustements.
- unlimited, lifetime access to my facebook private coaching group, in which you can ask your questions and share with other members.

A typical customer testimonial:
Thank you so much. I really can't say enough here about the low intimidation factor of your programs, your readily understandable explanations, and generally straight forward and encouraging nature you possess. I'd likely still be a couch potato dreaming of someday taking control of my physical health instead of actively pursuing my goals. Again: thank you and keep up the good work, you are helping people change their lives!

Cost: £35 per session ; an additional £5 must be added for those residing in Cardiff, to cover petrol costs.

Payment and bookings:
Contact me at: or call me at 01446 799083 to confirm availibility (training spots are very limited). A payment of £35 is required for your first session. Initial consultation is free.

Nick Janvier Personal Training

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