DISCLAIMER: I do receive a small affiliate commision on the sale of some of the products featured on this page. However, I actually use these products myself, in my own training and coaching. I have featured them here not to push their sales, but because they are great pieces of kit in their own right. Whenever a suitable, free alternative is available, I have linked to it here as well.

Start Bodyweight infographic poster 

To download the Start Bodyweight basic routine infographic, with all 8 bodyweight progressions and an overview of the routine, click here.

You can also download the  PDF version here.

Finally, you can also purchase this infographic via Zazzle, as a high quality poster.
Please note: due to the amount of information packed in the infographic, the legibility is not optimal on the small size poster. It is recommended you purchase the medium size one.

US and international:
Medium poster (13.53" x 36.00")
Small poster (9.02" x 24.00")

Medium poster (34.37cm x 91.44cm)
Small poster (22.92cm x 60.96cm)

For other countries, change the country domain name in the address bar to the country of your choice. For instance, for Canada, change to

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar

There are a few free alternatives to a dip bar, but I have found this compact dip bar by to be particularly convenient if you have restricted space, as it folds flat for storage. Overall it is a great piece of kit which can be used both for dips and inverted rows. also offer a range of package deals with door frame and ceiling mounted pullup bars, allowing you to benefit from some substantial savings.

Elite Wooden Gymnastics Rings 

These are beautiful and very high quality wooden gymnastics rings from, with 18in straps. The rings have a feel and grain to them that you just do not get with plastic. The warmth of the natural wood gives you a unique connection to them.
Rings make a must-have addition to any home training equipment: they are extremely versatile and can be used for dips, pullups, horizontal rows, muscle ups, levers, etc. More advanced techniques require an extremely high level of skill, so the possibilities they offer are endless.

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